Diverse Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

There are a few reasons why individuals succumb to medication and liquor dependence, and nobody is an exemption to the run the show. Regardless of whether they’re youngsters surrendering to the constrain of companion weight, guardians taking recommended medications to adapt to the hardship of their lives, or a huge number of vagrants caught in a universe of “road medications,” medication and liquor dependence can transpire. As indicated by a current inside and out examination of compulsion treatment in America, more than flakka for sale available to be purchased individuals Surprisingly, a little more than 11 percent of these individuals really got it at a recovery office Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Tranquilize restoration offices offer customers an extensive variety of various medicines, including: in-patient or private treatment, out-patient treatment, concentrated outpatient mind, nearby care groups, recuperation houses, and therapeutic care. All types of fixation medications convey helpful remedial esteems for medication and liquor addicts. The 12 Steps program has appeared to be a fruitful treatment strategy in light of the fact that for a considerable length of time, it has helped addicts acknowledge their medication or liquor issue, come to concede that they’re medication addicts, and discover confidence in God in achieving restraint. Outpatient treatment is prescribed for patients who can adjust their every day everyday exercises with clinical mediations and treatment sessions.

The objective in serious outpatient care is to produce backslide counteractive action methods and create stretch administration aptitudes for the recouping fanatic. Escalated outpatient care is a treatment program that does not oblige patients to take part in medication detoxification, but rather still requires singular treatment, amass guiding, bath salts drug for sale available to be purchased psycho-instructive gathering treatment, self-administration bolster, and valuable strategies, for example, the 12 Steps. It generally fills in as a follow-up to private care and detoxification administrations. Sessions for the most part range from 8 to 14 hours seven days relying upon what is prescribed by their own recuperation pro.

The advantages of partaking in neighborhood bolster gatherings are building up thoughtful acumen from others, creating informal organizations, and understanding the encounters of different addicts. At last, the objective of nearby care groups is to enable the someone who is addicted to fabricate a more prominent comprehension of their compulsion issue through the mix of long range interpersonal communication. Neighborhood Support Groups are a type of gathering treatment, where patients can share and discuss comparative encounters about their medication or liquor enslavement. Its advantage originates from addicts working with each other to adapt to the enthusiastic turmoil of medication habit.

How to measure luggage size

how to measure luggage size

All of the national and international airline companies have some standards and specific luggage size and luggage weight restrictions. Usually if you overcome their limits, they are charging additional fees. It is very important to know the limits and total size of your luggage before traveling. In order to help you avoid unnecessary extra fees, we wrote this article. To get correct values, make sure you follow the steps below. If you are wandering how to measure luggage size, this is the right article for you.

How to Meassure Luggage Size

Step 1

Place your luggage upright. Using a tape measure or a ruler, measure the luggage length from top to bottom. Please do not forget to include outer parts such us the luggage wheels. Write your result on paper in order not to forget it.

Step 2

To get the precise width, your luggage should be fully packed and placed on a flat surface. Again, use the tape measure or ruler to measure how wide your luggage is. Write the obtained value on paper as well.

Step 3

The next item for measuring is your luggage height. To get the most accurate and precise measurement, you should go past the zipper and the top corner area. In this case you will have any front compartments or pockets included in the measurement. And again, write the measurement on paper to have it as a reminder in case you forget it.

Step 4

If you are not sure of the measurement accuracy, we recommend you to repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. Once you are done with all of the above steps and measurements, you can calculate the overall luggage size. Sum up the obtained length, height and width dimensions. The final result that you will get is representing the luggage size.

Step 5

One of the last measurements which is also important is your luggage weight. All of the airline companies have the luggage weight restrictions and you must be careful with it. When fully packed, place your luggage on a scale in order to obtain its weight.


Before traveling, check the airline company’s website for warnings, limits and extra fees. Try to make your luggage fit those restrictions and avoid extra charges.

Most of the national and international airline companies have the same restriction standards. However, yours is no to forget to check the restrictions of the company operating your flight.

Mostly, the airline companies allow passengers on board with only one carry-on bag or personal item.

Sometimes, something could be sorted out while checking in at the airport. But you must not depend on this.

How to Measure Luggage Size – Conclusion

Sometimes it happens to pay more because we were not careful enough with measuring the luggage size. Just a small mistake in the measuring process can cost a lot. And we are sure that you do not want to pay more. In order to prevent this from happening, we wrote this “How to Measure Luggage Size” article. We really hope that you find our article helpful and useful.

How to replace wheels on luggage

how to replace wheels on luggage

Traveling and making trip plans is very easy and usual today. No matter if you are going to a long family trip or short business trip, you still need functional luggage. There are a lot of available products on the market. But sometimes, even the highest quality products are subjected to damaging. The luggage is almost always thrown around when traveling. Hence, luggage parts such as wheels are more likely to break. It is important to know how to replace wheels on luggage by yourself, in order to save on additional services.

In order to find out how replace luggage wheels on luggage, follow the steps below.

How To Replace Wheels On Luggage

How To Replace Wheels On Luggage

Things you Need

First of all, let’s see what are the tools that you will need. Usually there are nut bolts on one wheel and to take the wheel off you need a screwdriver. Some wheels have rivets, in which case you will need a drill. Also, you should have a replacement wheels matching the correct size. Some of the wheels are secured with rivets and others with screws. Discover which one you have and based on that start the repairing process.

Screws Secured Wheels

If you have this type of mounting, the wheels have a nut inside the luggage compartment. Open the compartment, locate the nut and then remove it. Also, there is a small clip which is holding the wheel. In order to remove the bolt and damaged wheel, push off the clip. The next step is to place the new wheel in the wheel well. Also, you need to put a washer on each side. Replace the clip and secure the new wheel into its original position. Using the screwdriver, screw up the bolt and tighten the nuts.
Once you are done with the replacement of all the damaged wheels, test the luggage. Make sure everything is secured in its place.

Rivets Secured Wheels

This is a process which requires more attention and work. But it is still possible to repair the wheels at home. Take the drill and use a bit which is slightly larger than the rivet on your luggage. Then carefully drill the end of each rivet. Make sure you do not enlarge the hole. Next, take out the rivet, remove the broken wheel and mount a new rivet from the exterior of the luggage. In order not to slide trough the case, you can mount a washer slid on the interior.
After completing this process and the wheels are replaced, make a luggage test.

How to Replace Wheels on Luggage – Conclusion

By following a few easy steps, you can easily replace the luggage wheels. The luggage cases are usually exposed to damaging or breaking. Before buying a new luggage, at least first try to fix it. We wrote this “How to Replace Wheels on Luggage” article to encourage you to do something by yourself. We think this is something easy which we should all know. Finally, we hope that you find this article helpful and useful.

How to calculate linear inches

how to calculate linear inches

In order to measure baggage and better flight regulation, “linear inches” is a term invented by the airline industry. It is not something very complicated, but yet a measurement which requires some attention and precision. Most of the airline companies have the same standards and regulations. However, before traveling you must check the restrictions provided by the company which is operating your flight. Here we would like to briefly explain what does linear inches mean and simply how to calculate linear inches.

The calculation process is very simple and easy. All you need is a tape measure or ruler and a calculator. Follow the steps below and start the measure process.

How To Calculate Linear Inches

Step 1: Measure the Length, Width and Height

Before you start measuring it is important to know what to include in your measurement. This means in your measurement you must include things like wheels, handle or outer compartments. Then, by using a tape measure or ruler carefully measure the length of your luggage. We recommend you to write it down and continue measuring the width and height, also keeping note of the dimensions. Once you are done, go to the step two of the calculation process.

Important Note: Make sure that your measurement unit is inches. In case you are using other measurement unit, convert the dimensions to inches.

Step 2: Find the Sum of the Measurements

In order to get the correct value of the linear inches, it is important to precisely complete the first step. If you are not sure about your measurements, we recommend you to repeat step 1. Once you have the accurate length, width and height values, simply by using a calculator sum them up and get the result. Then the obtained result will simply represent the value of linear inches.

Step 3: Know the Limits and Fees

When traveling linear inches is one important restriction for checked and carry-on luggage. It is crucial to know what are the limits for both checked and carry-on luggage. It is also very significant to know the additional fees. To keep the cost minimal, stay strict to the restrictions provided by your airline company. Restrictions may vary from one airline company to another.

In case you are not sure about the final result, you can repeat the steps all over again. Additional reminder, it is important to get the accurate measurements in inches. Then sum up the obtained dimensions.

How to Calculate Linear Inches – Conclusion

On a short note, the “How to Calculate Linear Inches” process is very simple and easy. To perform this, you need just minimal tools like ruler or tape measure, calculator and a piece of paper to write the obtained result. Sometimes it can be a little bit confusing yet very simple thing to do. Hence, we decided to write this short “How to Calculate Linear Inches” and help you get correct measurements. And again, check your airline restrictions before traveling in order to avoid extra fees. Finally, we hope that you find this helpful.

Brics Luggage Review

brics luggage review

Traveling is part of our everyday life no matter if we are planning a business trip, family vacation or just a weekend off. In all of the cases it is important to pack everything you need. At the same time, you must think of the space you need, and also the space you have available. There are a lot of products available on the market but it is always a question what is the best. At the start of this Bric’s luggage, let us first introduce the company.

Bric’s is an Italian brand which was founded in 1952. It has a long history and a successful story behind. In short period of time, the company became a global recognized brand offering a wide range of quality products. With their focus on quality, style, aesthetics, fashion, functionality and durability it represents a leading brand in the worldwide industry. If you want to carry one piece of timeless design and exemplary craftsmanship this is the best choice for you. Scroll down our Bric’s luggage review and find out more about the product, and why Bric’s made our list of best luggage brands.

Bric's Luggage Review

Bric’s Luggage Review – Features

Before you start planning your next trip, it is good to already have a proper luggage case. This will help you to better plan and organize your traveling. No matter if you are traveling alone, with family or friends, in any case you will need an appropriate luggage. In order to know if this is the right choice for you, read our Bric’s luggage review carefully. Here, we will represent some of the most important features that the product is offering you, along with its specifications.

Exterior and Interior Design

Produced under the name of an Italian brand, the fashionable and stylish look is a must. With this luggage your traveling experience will reach another level of fashion. For all the passionate traveler who care about style, this would be the right choice

When we talk about the interior part, this Bric’s luggage is offering an interior pocket. The security and safety provided are guaranteed. The luggage is suitable for both short and long trips. If you are traveling for a few days, this luggage would be simply enough for the necessary items. In case you have planned ahead a long trip, you can simply take it and use it as an additional luggage. However, in both cases your belongings will stay organized and safe during the trips.

Bric's Luggage

Zipper Closure

In order to ensure additional security, the luggage features zipper closure. The zipper closure does not come with a locking system. And this is not something that should make you feel worried. The luggage is designed to allow you using some locking systems of your own. However, being locked or not does not really matter. The zipper closure is high quality, secure and strong enough. As a result, the zipper will never open on its own. Your belongings will stay secured inside this great Bric’s luggage.

10in Shoulder Trap

Many times while traveling we are carrying a trolley base luggage or other things and our both hands are busy. Bric’s has a great solution for this problem. The luggage comes along with a shoulder trap which is 10in long. If you do not need the shoulder trap, you can simply remove it. If you need the shoulder strap, simply put it back into its place. Hence, you will be able to move easily with the luggage and transport it with an ease.

Bric's reviews

Leather Corners

As we already mentioned the exterior and interior design as an important feature, there is something else important too. For extra security and stability, the Bric’s luggage is featuring a leather corners. This provides additional protection of your luggage. As a result, your luggage with the belongings inside will stay safe and secured in its place.

Bric’s luggage Review – Specifications

In this review we have already represented the features that this luggage is offering. But it is always better to know more. Among the great features, there are a few important specifications worth mentioning. Check below and learn more.

Locking SystemNo


Honestly, this is a high quality and durable product which does not really have any drawbacks. Maybe some of you will find the not available TSA locking system as a drawback. Or the lack of trolley system may seem as a downside to some customers. But in reality, those are not the necessary and most important features for one luggage. However, we can assure you that this luggage has everything you need, providing you a fashionable style and extreme durability.

What customers are saying about the Bric’s luggage pieces

On a daily basis, we are receiving many customer reviews. And we can simply say all of them are positive. Our customers are constantly expressing their satisfaction of owning such a product and it is highly recommended for every woman. The most positive reviews say about the excellent durability of the product. Also, the look and fashion style are one of the most considered and loved features. Many of our customers said that it is a great addition to any trolley luggage and they simply adore it.

Final Verdict

At the end of this Bric’s luggage review, there is nothing much left to say from our side. As we examined and talked about the most important features, specifications and possible drawbacks, we came to a conclusion. Honestly, this is an amazing high quality product produced under extreme standards. This Italian brand which is well-known around the globe guarantees you excellent traveling experience. We hope that our review will help you make a good decision and purchase a stylish and modern piece of luggage. Take the step and walk into the worlds of travelers with a style.

Lojel Luggage Review

lojel luggage review

When it comes to traveling, one of the most important things is the luggage. It should always be organized and placed safe. Also, searching for a good product is often uneasy and tiring. In order to make it easier for you, we have created this Lojel luggage review. But first of all, let us say a few words about the company and the story behind.

Lojel is a famous brand which, founded in 1989. It is an international brand producing a variety of high quality luggage and other different travel accessories. The company’s success is based on their passion for design and mission to deliver high quality products. Today, this Japan based brand is operating in more than 30 countries on 5 continents. Their innovative and creative solutions will take you to the next level of traveling experience, which is part of the reason you can find them on our list of best luggage brands.

Lojel Luggage Review

Lojel Luggage Review – Features

In order to get the best out of your trips, a high quality luggage always plays a roll. There are many different brands available on the market. But the same question always comes on our mined before purchasing the new luggage. Which one to choose? In this Lojel luggage review we would like to represent a few important features that this product is providing. Read more below.

Exterior and Interior Design

One feature that always comes into consideration is both, the exterior and interior design of one luggage. Lojel’s designers found a good solution and created the very stylish and modern design. The exterior construction is made out of 100% virgin pure makrolon polycarbonate. Together with Lojel’s patented material, this construction achieved great strength and ultra-light weight at the same time. Also, the exterior is very flexible and the durability is guaranteed.

Lojel Luggage

The interior part consists of an easy access front compartment, suitable for a laptop or tablet. In order to keep your items safe an organized, the interior is well planned and carefully designed. It is one of the very few cases in the industry where this feature is available. The stylish look, nice color and great design will make your traveling experience more comfortable and exciting.

Great Performance

This Lojel Lucid luggage allows you to perform easy and multidirectional movements. Even if your luggage is fully loaded, you will not have difficulty while transporting it. The product is featuring 3 stage trolley and quiet running wheels. Hence, it offers an effortless and smooth movement and performance. The Lojel Lucid luggage also features a removable wheel system.

lojel lucid luggage review

Coil Zipper

Prevention of breaking and opening of the luggage is ensured by the burst – free double coil zipper. Also, this feature keeps you away from thieves and makes the airport security check easier.

TSA Locking System

In order to increase the security and safety level, this luggage provides an extra TSA locking system. This means, if there is any need for security check on your luggage, it could be easily opened. Any TSA agent can open your luggage then inspect it and the safely close it again. All of that without leaving a single mark or serious damage. This is very important feature because sometimes we find our luggage broken or damaged because of security checks.

Foam Handle

In cases, spinning, pushing or pulling your luggage is not available. Hence, there is need of another available option for easy transportation of your luggage. The Lojel Lucid luggage provides a carefully designed foam handle. As a result, when you are lifting your luggage you will get additional comfort. Sometimes you will have to carry the luggage and not just lift it for a moment. Is such situations it’s important to have a well designed and constructed handle which will keep the weight minimal.

Standard Dimensions

This is a regular sized carry – on luggage designed to meet almost all worldwide airline standards. The inner dimensions of the luggage are 28.5in x 21in x 13in.

Lojel Luggage Review – Specifications

In order to meet our traveling needs, we always put the features and specifications of a product into consideration. As we already mentioned some of the great features that this product is possessing, it’s time to represent its specifications. Check the table below to find out more.

Dimensions11.4in x 28in x 19.3in
Side Carry HandleYes, Foam Handle
Locking SystemYes, TSA Approved

Lojel Luggage Drawbacks

This product doesn’t really have some drawbacks. Maybe the front compartment which is designed for laptop, tablet and other small items takes more space. Someone may prefer carrying the laptop in a backpack. In that case you can use the front compartment for many other and also bigger things. Honestly, I do not consider this as a drawback but another additional feature.

How customers are responding to Lojel luggage products

We are constantly receiving customer reviews and honestly almost all of them are positive. People say that it is a lovely luggage and the hard sided style is just amazing. Also, people love the zipper which offers another couple of inches’ expansion. Another thing, we got many positive reviews on the 360-degree multi-directional wheel system. It keeps the direction performing smooth and silent movement.

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the end of this Lojel luggage review and there is nothing much left to say. We can only make a final conclusion that this product is really well designed. Which is also offering you a wide range of available features. In order to improve your traveling experience, there is a front compartment and a possibility of a few inches’ expansion. All in all, this is a leading brand in the luggage industry. Honestly, you cannot find a better one in the same price range. We really hope that this Lojel luggage review was helpful for you. Now, it is your turn to make a decision. Purchase the product which that will keep you company on your next traveling adventure.

American Tourister Review

american tourister review

Traveling today became an essential part of our living. Sometimes it is really important to have a high quality and strong luggage case which will keep the items safe. Sometimes it happens that we find our luggage damaged or broken. And this is something that you would not like to happen. For that reason, the American Tourister’s has created some of the best products available on the market. Here in this American Tourister review we would introduce an interesting and valuable set of luggage cases. But first, let us say a few words about the company.

With a dream to build a tough suitcase, in 1933 the company was founded. With a great history and tradition of creating high quality and durable products, American Tourister is a leading industry brand. The company is offering a wide range of products and it would be a smart choice for you. American Tourister strives to make your trips stylish and fun, and that got them on our list of best luggage brands.

American Tourister Review

American Tourister Review – Features

In order to get great performance, durability and security, the product you are buying must have great features. This set of luggage is providing you a lot of excellent features which will make your traveling experience more comfortable. In this American Tourister review you can read more about the available features of this product.

Great Construction

The set of three different sized luggage cases are built out of 100% polyester. This is a very light but strong material. Hence, your luggage will stay safe during the longest at most difficult trips. It is important to have a sturdy construction but to keep the light weight. This is exactly what the American Tourister is providing.

Exterior and Interior Design

Luggage cases which are featuring great exterior and interior design at the same time are not easy to find. The exterior has a nice traditional look which makes your traveling experience comfortable. Its color also adds to the stylish look and beauty. When we talk about the interior, it is important to be well organized and spacious. This luggage is providing you enough free space to place your clothes and other belongings. Also, there are multiple pockets available which will keep small items safe and organized in its place.

american tourister luggage sets reviews

Performance and Mobility

The lightweight construction adds a lot to the performance and mobility of one luggage. Since this product is made out of a light material, the saving in weight is really worth. While you are rolling, pushing or pulling the luggage, you will get the best performance and mobility. This comes as a result of the available spinning wheels. The four multidirectional spinning wheels are providing a great mobility. Now you can move and transport the luggage with an ease.

Top and Side Carry Handles

In some cases it is necessary to have an additional carrying handle, top or side. The American Tourister Pop Plus set is offering you this feature. All of the handles are carefully designed in order to minimize the weight while lifting or carrying the luggage. This is very important if you have to carry the luggage a bit more than just lifting it.

Available Expansion

Are you usually facing a space problems during your travel adventures? You always need some extra space while coming back from a trip? Then, you should not worry about those problems anymore. The set of three luggage cases and a feature of expansion would provide you more than enough space. Extra pockets and available expansion are always a good combination when it comes to luggage. Plus, owning a set of luggage is one of the best and smartest ideas.

American Tourister Review

Quality Zippers

Another thing that we all put into consideration while purchasing a luggage case are the zippers. While most of them are more likely to twist or spin, this is not the case with luggage produced by the American Tourister. It is usually easy manageable problem but it is really annoying problem when you buy a brand new luggage case.

American Tourister Review – Specifications

We already examined some of the most important features of this product. Also it is important to read the specifications of one product. This set of luggage built under the name of American Tourister, comes with three different dimensions. You can check the details below.

Case DimensionsOverall DimensionsWeight
21in x 14in x 8in24in x 14in x 8in8.6 lbs
25in x 18in x 8.5in28in x 18in x 8.5in10.5 lbs
29in x 20in x 9.5in32in x 20in x 9.5in12.10 lbs

Drawbacks of the American Tourister luggage

It seems like the biggest possible complaint about this luggage could be if you load the with heavier items. This means that if you leave the hand off your luggage, there is a possibility of flipping. If you just do not take care for a moment, the luggage can fall over. The new style of wheels that this product is featuring may help but you need to be careful anyway.

What customers are saying about American Tourister

While we are constantly getting customer reviews and we go through all of them, we can easily make a conclusion. Most of the reviews are positive, the customers are satisfied with the product and there are no huge issues related to the product. Overall, the ratings are great and customer satisfied whit the product which made it to meet their expectations.

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the very end of this American Tourister review. There is nothing much left to say from our side. You read about the available features, specifications and drawbacks of this product. In order to make it more clear, we also mentioned the reviews provided by our customers. However, now we believe that you can make a good decision on your own and give another look and dimension to your traveling experience.

Skyway Luggage Review

skyway luggage review

In today’s world, we are planning many business or private trips very often. While traveling we all want to enjoy the trip and to not worry about our luggage case. Sometimes, an old or broken luggage can cause a quite unpleasant traveling experience. Many companies are producing luggage cases but it is always a question which one to choose. One of the companies with a long history and tradition behind is Skyway Luggage Co. In this Skyway luggage review we would like to introduce one of their well-made products. But first, let’s say a few words about the company.

Skyway is an American brand, with great history and tradition, unique design and high quality craftsmanship. Inspired from the growth of the airline industry, this company was founded in 1910. Because of the excitement of air travel, the company was named “Skyway”. The mission of delivering high quality products earned the trust and loyalty of many international travelers, and easily got them in our list of best luggage brands.

Skyway Luggage Review

Skyway Luggage Review – Features

Skyway is not just an amazing product, but also it is a great companion to your trips. Produced under the name of really innovative and famous company, Skyway is offering a wide range of features. In this skyway luggage review we would like to represent some of the products’ highlights. Scroll down this review and learn more about this product.

Premium Light and Sturdy

When we are buying a new luggage case we want it to be lightweight, strong and safe at the same time. The Skyway company has a solution for this. The construction of this Skyway Mirage Superlight Luggage is made out of 100% polyester. The material is really light and strong at the same time. The feature of lightweight but sturdy construction will provide additional performance and easy movement. Hence, your luggage case would be able to survive the most tough and unpleasant trips. Even if the luggage is completely full, you will be still able to perform movements with an ease.

Design and Performance

The product is featuring traditional and stylish design which will give another look to your traveling adventures. It is lightweight but very well designed product and you can get the best out of it. Also, an excellent feature are the spinning wheels. With this availability you would perform easy and multidirectional movements. No matter if you are pushing, pulling or gliding alongside the case, you are getting the best and easiest mobility. All of the design and performance features are put together very well, in order to provide you great stability and reliability. Now, the worries related to missing parts or the possibility of your luggage case breaking down came to an end.

Interior Design

Not only the exterior but also the interior is an important part of the designing process of one product. This Skyway luggage case is featuring a really well designed and organized interior. A full length mesh pocket is ideal for small items which are easy to lose. This will keep them safe in one place, excluding the possibility of loss. Hence, your clothes, health care products or any other belongings will be incredibly organized. Also, it is important to keep them in place during the travel time. The Skyway luggage will take care of this and keep everything safe in its place.

skyway mirage luggage reviews

Additional Handle

You are getting an additional assistance with the side carry handle. Sometimes it is impossible to roll the luggage case and to have a side carry handle is a must. It is not just an ordinary handle placed in some place, but the designers are paying attention to provide the best features. The side carry handle is designed in order to provide easy lifting and extra comfort while carrying the luggage.

Skyway Luggage

Standard Dimensions

All of the airline companies are following some type of a standard when it comes to luggage. This Skyway luggage comes with a well measured dimensions in order to meet the standards of most of the airlines. If your luggage dimensions do not meet the standards, it may happen that you pay more. Skyway Mirage luggage is featuring an exterior with dimensions of 30in height x 20in width and 10in deep. The weight of the luggage is 7.7lbs. This dimensions meet the international airline standards and is an excellent companion for your trips.


While some of the luggage companies do not provide any kind of warranty. But this Skyway luggage comes with a 5 year warranty. This warranty period is quite good if you are traveling very often. In case you do not travel that often, this Skyway luggage may last you a lifetime.

Skyway Luggage Review – Specifications

In order to get the best out of one product, it must provide great features and specifications. In this Skyway luggage review we already represented the most important features. Next, it is time to show the technical specifications of the product. Take a closer look and find out more about this product.

BrandSkyway Luggage Co.
Material100 % Polyester
Warranty5 year

Skyway Luggage Drawbacks

Honestly, this product does not really have some big drawback. But some of you might find the unavailable TSA lock system as a drawback. According to most of our customers, this was not the case and all of them had a nice experience while traveling.

Customers responding to Skyway Luggage

We got many reviews for this product and most of them show almost the same. Customers are mostly satisfied with the product which successfully met their expectations. A great durability, performance and safety is provided with this product.

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the end of this Skyway luggage review. There is nothing much left to say from our side and we hope that this review will help you make a good decision. All in all, the product is affordable and one among the best in the price range. The provided security, durability, performance and design will pay off. Purchase the product and step into another traveling dimension.

Antler Luggage Review

antler luggage review

You have some trips planned ahead but your luggage case is old and broken? No worries, Antler is right here to help you. In this Antler luggage review we would like to introduce one really good luggage case. But first, let us say a few words about the company.

Antler is a well-established British company, existing since 1914. With their passion for craftsmanship, Antler is a leading brand across the globe. Antler is proud of their Great British Design, achieved by the talented team of designers, based in London HQ. Among the great design, the company is providing tested products, produced under really high standards. The company’s history can speak about the quality and trust they succeed to reach. All of this got them topping our list of best luggage brands. Now, check our Antler luggage review to find out more about the product.

antler luggage review

Antler Luggage Review – Features

Antler Juno is a four-wheel luggage case which will make your traveling experience comfortable and nice. Produced under the Antler trademark, this product has a lot of great features. The high quality, durability and performance are just some among them.

Design and Performance

Designed with love and passion, your trips will be stylish and performed with an ease. Antler Juno is constructed out of a tough polypropylene material. The lightweight but strong design will add to the transportation and carrying of this luggage.
The 360 degree, multi-directional rotating wheels will contribute to the easy performance. The trolley system has a feature of locking so your luggage can stay safe when you leave it. This also provides and effortless control over the luggage. Top handle availability is another feature adding to the performance.

Constructed To Meet The Standards

In order to meet the standards of almost all airline companies, this luggage comes with well measured dimensions. The 31.6” high and 12.4” width well designed luggage will provide enough storage space. Also, it is well organized to keep your belonging safe, even during the most uncomfortable trips.

Elegance At a Glance

You can purchase this product in a few different colors. By choosing the one that you like the most, you will open another dimension of your traveling experience. The modern and simple design will provide an elegant and stylish look. For sure, this will add more to your future trips and adventures.

best luggage brands reviews

Interior Design

How many times you came back from a trip with a messy luggage case? Maybe you could not easily find what you were looking for, too? There is a solution for those problems as well. Hence, the Antler luggage case has a fully lined interior, coming with two elastic packing straps. Also, the luggage features a full length mesh pocket with a zip fastening. As a result, your belongings will stay secured in place during your travel time. Antler’s designer team always takes care about such details.


The outside construction of the luggage is well made and strong. But sometimes the lightweight and strong construction material is not enough. As an extra feature, Antler Juno has a secured TSA lock.
The luggage case could be opened only but TSA agents, without any risk and damage potential. This means that if there is need for security check, the TSA agent can easily open the luggage case. After the inspection the TSA agent will lock it back without causing troubles. Sometimes the airport checking could be tough, uneasy and unbearable. But with the Antler’s security features your trips will reach another dimension of traveling experience. As a result, you do not have to worry about anything and still stay safe and secure.


Are you tired of constantly buying new luggage cases? Something breaks after you use it a few times? Antler has a solution for this problem too. Among the high standards, quality production and design, Antler’s Juno is providing extra opportunity. The warranty which not many brands are providing is waiting for you. The company is very dedicated to its customers and is trying to deliver its best. Because of that the product is coming with a 10-year warranty. With this feature, your worries can come to an end.

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Antler Luggage Review – Specifications

In order to provide the best experience and performance, Antler Juno has a variety of available features and specifications. We already examined some of the most important features that this luggage case is possessing. Now, it is time to take a closer look to its specifications.

LockingTSA Combination Lock
Warranty10 year

Antler Luggage Drawbacks

Honestly, this is a brand with great history and success behind. The Antler Juno is a spacious luggage case offering its best. The outside shell is made out of light material. The sides are sturdy but thin. As a result, it might not be as rigid as you expect. This may be one of the possible drawbacks of this product but the savings in weight are much more important.

Antler Luggage – Customer opinions

While going through the reviews provided by our customers we can conclude that the product will meet your expectations. We got a dozens of positive comments and reviews. Antler’s products are strongly recommended by most of the customers. There are a few which did not have the best experience with the product. But the number of those is negligible. Anyway we guarantee you high quality and long term durability.

Final Verdict

To sum up, in this review we examined the most important features and specifications that the product is providing. A great quality, design and performance are now available in one place. Purchase this Antler Juno luggage and get the best out of it during your trips. Honestly, in this price range, Antler is a leading brand and you cannot find a better option. Finally, we hope that this Antler luggage review will help you make a good decision on buying your next luggage.